We operate across multiple industries and sectors and general business, this gives us a unique insight and understanding of how effective and efficient assistance can be given to deliver key objectives. From project assistance to dispute resoluation and arbitaration we can cover all of this under one roof. 


We work through the lifecycle of a project or product and can assist at any phase including: definition, design, protoyping and modelling, production or construction, quality control and feedback, commisisoning and testing and final deliver and handover. 


We specialise in adding value, reducing cost and solving problems, we do this by reviewing and improving the efficency of solutions and the supply chains used to create them.


We can offer extensive design services across all major platforms including: BIM, Autodesk, Solidworks, Fluent, Open and can work collabortively either fully  cloud based or by virtual conferencing to suit your requirements.


We are able to work in all formats of design including: 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, CAM, CFD, photo realistic visualisations, timelapse, 3D fly through and graphic streaming. 


We are able to work in all major regonised programming software and formats and have extensive knowledge of estimating and cost reporting systems and software. 


We are able to provide a projects with all apsects of management, commercial assistance, dispute resolution and administration along with design and value engineering.


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